Exquisitely imperfect
Our potato chip facts

It’s not easy being ugly, but our lacking in the looks department is more than made up for in taste!

Uglies® Kettle Chips are crafted from potatoes with slight imperfections—potatoes that are too large or too small; those with the wrong color or have the wrong sugar content. Some of the potatoes are slightly blemished and, of course, some are just farmer surplus. (Hey, just to be clear, the potatoes we use are NOT diseased, rotting or unripe.)

Some of us in the bag may have browner edges and some of us may be darker than kettle chips with less character—but beauty is in the eye of the chip holder!

A little rough around the edges, Uglies are more than a great tastin’ snack…we support farmers, reduce waste and fight hunger!

We're not seconds... we're BETTERS!